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Read what some of our patients say about Midway Sleep Lab:

“I’ve had a dramatic improvement to my health. Calling Dr. Avi was one of the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

- Dennis P., Host of The Dennis Prager Show

“This was a good experience for me. When I made my appointment the scheduler was great and the technician was very attentive to my needs. Thank you very much!”

- T. H.

“The bed was very comfortable. The technicians were very patient and thoughtful. They were very gentle and considerate people.”

- C. W.

“Receptionist was excellent every time we spoke. Technician was extremely polite, friendly and professional. He made me feel comfortable.”

- B. S.

“Technician was great in handling my four year old. He actively involved the child in the proceedings by asking him a lot of questions and answering the child’s questions. Most of all he was gentle and very patient. ”

- T. H.

“When I met Dr. Ishaaya, everything changed. I now sleep at least five hours straight without waking up or gasping for air. My snoring is a thing of the past.”

- Rick H., Assistant Coach for The Raiders

“The sleep experience was very courteous and professional. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. You have a wonderful staff.”

- R. W.

“First sleep study conducted. Technician was neat, careful and gentle while applying equipment. Overall experience was comfortable. Thank you!”

- S. R.

“Technician was very gentle and kind with my son, which helped him relax when all the wires were getting installed.”

- M. T.

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